Odile Flory


  • Certified Mastercoach (ICI in Geneva)

  • Certified Life and Career Coach (ICI in Geneva)

  • Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP (IFPNL),

  • Trained in Transactional Analysis and Enneagram,

  • Reiki and Access Bars® Practitioner.

Odile Flory

My key thread

Of multicultural origin, I was brought up by my parents in an international environment, rich with diverse perceptions. This global outlook has been highlighted by the numerous stays abroad and the journeys, led with my own family and children.

Aware of this cultural heritage, I realised that it contributed to my flexibility and curiosity regarding my entourage, and therefore also my functioning. Lacking the skills to pinpoint these intuitions and to deepen my personal growth, I started with a training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, also called NLP.

Firmly convinced that mind and body are intertwined, I completed my knowledge by becoming a Reiki and Access Bars® Practitioner to have a more holistic approach of the individual. I am enthraled by constructive exchanges and marvelled by the nature of all beings and their capacities. In mindfulness and introspection, we can become a real gold mine when these arise.

Today, always thirsty for knowledge, I have just received my Mastercoach certification from the Geneva International Coaching Institute, thereby cementing my foundations in coaching as well as in my own self- development.



My coaching and my values

My coaching is :

A life coaching : by identifying your goals, via introspection in order to achieve balance and clarity in your life.
A social coaching : by expanding your social life, overcoming anxiety, uncovering roadblocks that harm social success.

A personal development coaching : by guiding you to overcome specific obstacles, achieving specific goals, communicating your personal needs and values, and reaching the next level of your personal growth in your relationships, in your personal/professional life.

An empowerment coaching by nurturing your (self)-confidence, accessing your inner power, by creating a fulfilling life by making decisions guided by your personal values and will.

My goal, through my coaching, is to assist you in peacefully moving forward towards your future, according to your own values.

My personal values that drive and shape my coaching are the following:


Alignement, Humility, Tolerance, Authenticity.


In a non-judgmental, respectful, benevolent and trusting atmosphere, I invite you to blossom in your own safe haven.
We will work closely together, focusing on a specific situation, to determine your potential to reach your targets.

Using techniques of NLP or energy care, I will assist you in drawing out the gems in you and mobilise them in such way that you can progress easily and calmly, through the circumstances that you may encounter.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my office or via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype and will gladly accompany you in French, English and German.