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Next Step Vision

Reiki, Access Bars® or Coaching ?

I am often asked which service to start with.
In fact, it all depends on your request. What do you need ?
If you feel the need to receive only an energetic treatment; in this case, we exchange, beforehand, in order to clarify the two techniques Reiki or Access Bars®. Then, in accordance with your request, I proceed to the treatment itself.
Reiki is a gentle and harmonious treatment, which encompasses the whole body and can be given at a distance.

Access Bars® focuses on 32 points on your head. You must therefore be present to receive the Bars. The sensations of tingling or heat are identical for both treatments. Nevertheless, the latter technique is surely more adapted if you are very anchored in the “mental”, where ideas are running in a loop and you cannot manage to let go. This treatment will allow you to find a more dynamic energy, a motivation increased tenfold as well as a more reinforced creativity.

If you are more uncertain and feel a little lost or confused in your current situation and want to see more clearly in your life, then coaching is more appropriate.
Each coaching is unique and varies according to the coachee. We all have our own particularities, beliefs and motivations. That is why some coaching can be done in a few sessions while others will need more time to progress towards their goal.

Each service is independent and adaptable to your needs.
However, they are all related and aim to nurture your well-being so that you are in harmony and alignment with yourself.
I will guide you to clarify and define your needs and expectations, so that you can progress towards your goals in a serene way.

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