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Reiki définition


Rei: spirit, universal life
Ki: energy

Reiki originates from a traditional Japanese healing method designed by Misao Usui (1865-1926).

It is based on connecting or reconnecting the universal energy with your own vital energy to harmonise your energy patterns (chakras, subtle bodies). This technique provides a profound and soft readjustment of our body by freeing our life blockages as well as our physical and psychic (emotional, mental) strains.

The practitioner acts as a conduit of universal energy to the recipient, by applying their palms on the receiver’s body or at a certain height.

The receiver may feel tingling, prickling or warmth in the area being treated. These sensations usually subside by the end of the session.

Unlike magnetic energy, the practitioner channels universal energy. It flows through him / her to the receiver, with no transfer of ailments.

It is worth noting that there are no side effects related to Reiki.
Reiki is an energetic practice and is in no way a medical treatment. It is therefore recommended to seek medical advice on any health aspect of any physical symptoms.

On the other hand, it is consistent and complementary to other forms of therapy.


The benefits of Reiki

On the Physical Level

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Strengthening the immune system

By eliminating the toxins, it accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities through cell regeneration.

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Well-being of the body

It revitalises and rebalances the bodily functions, relieving symptoms related to stress and fatigue.


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Restorative Sleep

It alleviates conditions such as migraines, constipation, arthritic pain and insomnia, by inducing a refreshing and quality sleep.

On the Mental & Emotional Level

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Releasing tensions

It liberates energy blockages, facilitates letting go and thus generates positive state of mind, which leads to a better relationship with those around us.

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Mastering emotions

It manages emotions linked to stress, anxiety and self- destructive behaviour.

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It promotes relaxation and stress relief and thus brings peace, serenity and joy.

On the Spiritual Level

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It gently awakens our inner self, harmonises our chakras and so creates a gradual and long-lasting sense of wellness while nurturing our peace of mind.

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It opens our receiving channel, enhances our sensitivity and also stimulates our empathy skills.

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It strengthens our self-confidence, increasing our inner safety.

Votre Séance de Reiki

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Reiki treatment

1 hour session –  €60

Each session is unique as individual self-healing varies from person to person. Four sessions are recommended (at an interval of 7-10 days) to optimise your well-being.

Reiki treatment can also be carried out at a distance, as long as the practitioner is in contact with the recipient.

A reiki session includes:

A short dialog to clarify the client’s current situation, his/her needs and goals

The energy healing

A brief exchange of feelings