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NLP Coaching

Coaching is the tailored and personalised guidance of the beneficiary, by a coach, leading to self-reliance in a movement towards greater change. This sustainable process is built on a collaborative effort involving dialogue and practice.

It is geared to defined objectives at the very start. It is designed to provide the coachee with the means to develop his / her potential, know-how and interpersonal skills to better suit his / her professional and/or personal environment.

The coach is a facilitator and motivator in the process of change, but it is the coachee’s sole responsibility to carry out the desired change actions as agreed during the sessions.

When to reach out to a coach ?

  • When certain situations occur repeatedly and you feel that the solutions you have been using so far have not been successful.
  • When you are at a professional/ personal impasse and must take a decision to overcome the situation.
  • When you are going through a rough patch, where you feel vulnerable and wish to overcome it.
  • When you have concerns about personal efficiency, a lack of self-esteem or confidence.
  • When you are in an unfulfilling relationship and seek to bring back harmony into your everyday life.
  • When you wish to clarify and surpass a conflict.
  • When you are unable to control your emotions and need to step away ( from a loss, a separation, bursts of anger…).


My role as a coach

My role is to accompany you in your journey to uncover your true intentions, in a benevolent, open-minded and non-judgmental way. Through active listening, my aim is to unearth your current situation and bring a fresh perspective on your self-development, starting today. My questions are solution-based and shed light on how to move forward – and not why you remain stagnant.

Together, we will identify the skill set and inner resources needed to reach new heights. And with this new found energy and confidence, you will achieve your goal.


The benefits of NLP

On the mental level

Next Step Vision

Set personal goals

Making choices in line with your own values.

Next Step Vision


Develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Next Step Vision

Harmonising your relationship

Rebalance family, professional, personal and social relationships by communicating in a more harmonious way.

Next Step Vision

Operating a Transformation

Open your horizons, dare to change.

Next Step Vision

Personal evolution

Identify your needs, your core values and respect them while uncovering your main assets.

Next Step Vision

Recover your Independence

Get rid of limiting beliefs and behaviours and reclaim your self- reliance and independence.

On the emotional level

Next Step Vision

Recovering your Freedom

Grieving a separation.

Next Step Vision

Mastering your Emotions

Harmonising your emotions.

Next Step Vision

Reviewing one's Perceptions

Overcome fears, phobias and confining beliefs.

Next Step Vision


Live peacefully.

Next Step Vision

Personal Balance

Be in tune with yourself.

Next Step Vision


Restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Next Step Vision

NLP Coaching

Each coaching session, in person or by video, will take 1h-1h30 at the rate of 85€.

Additional clarification may be required, in that case, I recommend 5 continuous sessions to be reserved.

My coaching is open to anyone, teen and adult alike, wishing to live a better lifestyle and regain the self-motivation to live independently and autonomously.

My coaching may be conducted in French, English or German.

The session includes:

Overview of the current situation

Clarifying your specific goal

Establishment of a plan of action.