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Access Bars® definition

Access Bars®

Access Bars® is an energetic approach, founded by Gary Douglas in the 90’s, to facilitate the clearing of cellular memories.
32 points, on either side of the head, called Bars, are activated by gentle finger pressure.
These Bars are places where we store the energetic imprint of our convictions, our emotions and our behaviours, our habits.

The session enables a cleansing which is sometimes needed, to get rid of certain unnecessary patterns that inhibit us from reaching our true self.
The Access Bars® treatment cannot be administered remotely. The practitioner requires the presence of the receiver to “reboot” the latter’s cerebral system.

This treatment is focused on brainwaves, whereas Reiki encompasses the whole body.
Each Bar corresponds to an individual chakra, to where I balance energies and bring harmony to your entire being.

Both tools share a similar purpose : to break the boundaries of negative self-judgment, to remove limiting patterns embedded within us and to stimulate the attunement of our energy to improve our well-being. Access Bars® is an energetic practice and is in no way a medical treatment. It is therefore advisable to refer to a doctor for any medical aspect of physical symptoms. However, it is compatible and complementary to other types of therapy.


The Benefits of Access Bars®

On the mental level

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Releasing our Beliefs

The treatment eliminates our mental barriers.

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Boosts self-confidence

It increases the sense of being in full consciousness.

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Relational Ease

It generates a more fluid communication.

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Stimulation of Creativity

It speeds up our imagination and makes it more fertile to solve our problems.

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Calming Recurring Thoughts

It soothes looping thoughts.

On the emotional level

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Restorative Sleep

The release of physical tension and the calming of thoughts lead to a restful sleep.

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Letting Go

It generates a general sense of relaxation, which allows us to take a step back.

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Stress and Anxiety Relief

It soothes heavy feelings to make room for serenity.

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Access Bars® treatment

Session of 1 hour to 1h15 – €70 .

During an Access Bars® session, the receiver is on a massage table.
By applying a light pressure on the Bars® on the head, the practitioner will connect to him/her and start the activation of the Bars®


An access Bars® session includes :

A short dialog to clarify the client’s current situation, his/her needs and goals

The energy healing

A brief exchange of feelings